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My Darling Anya

Disclaimer: Fox and Marvels not mine. No money made. (Insert obligatory attempt to make disclaimer sound amusing here.)
Summary and notes: Magneto POV before Liberty Island. Anya was Magneto's daughter in the comic books but she died when she was young and Magneto was prevented from saving her. Although there is nothing in the films to suggest this happened there is nothing against it either.
Thanks: Queen of The Lab Rats for letting me bore you with X-men babble.

I'm doing this all for you my sweet innocent child. The first time I held you I promised you the world and I will deliver it. They will fall and we will rise; the brotherhood of mutants.

I never wanted you to see the pain, destruction or prejudice that they were capable of. I wanted us to live along side them, to work together and to be free. I wanted your childhood to de so different from mine, free from fear and hatred.

I wish that I knew back then, that I realized that we could never live together. The harmony I wanted so much for you did not exist and never will, we will never be safe as long as they remain. If I knew, if I was not so blind I could have stopped it all from happening, you would still be with me. I should have done this a long time ago. I should have destroyed them all for you.

You did not deserve to die by all rights you should still be here. There destruction is natural, Darwinian the weak will perish and the strong prevail. I will make all them see that this is the way it should be. I will make them realize our strength and our superiority; I will reclaim our future.

I will do this not just for you, my dear, but for all of them. I will ensure what happened to you will not happen again. No one will ever have to feel your pain or suffer my loss again. I will bring harmony and I will give you the world.

The End

by Staramber