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Staramber's Scribbles: Shadow World



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The Party of Lord Nicholas

The moment you walk through the door it hits you. You inhale it with the heavily scented air and it travels through your arteries. It enters every cell of your body leaving your mind slightly numb and you skin tingling.

Your friends call you over from a corner of the hallway, a hallway twice the size of your own dining hall. You stand there appreciating the young women serving you drinks. One of your louder, more obnoxious friends slips a metal coin into her hand. Although it is of low denomination it is guarantied he will be spending the night with the lady. The host takes care of these matters before hand.

A bell is rung by the butler and you turn to see the host swinging the doors open dramatically gesturing for you to join him. As you walk through the door you see the hall is decorated in the same way as the room you just came from. Ice white walls draped with rich, red velvets. The furniture is painted in gold leaf, with cushions that match the drapes. Every thing here is designed to please the senses, or more precisely intoxicate them

A raven haired beauty is serving you. She where's a dress that perfectly frames her ivory breasts. She brushes up against you as she presents you with the finest dishes. Before returning to her post you whisper something to her and part with your own coin. You sample one or two before asking the man to your left about a suspicious looking spiced meat. He tells you it's what the Wodahr eat. The woman gasp and exchange gossip about Lord Nicholas's involvement with our mortal enemy. One man scoffs at the idea, leaning across to you as he says with a grin “He hasn't left Kallo in the last 200 years!”

It is the first time you notice your host. He is sat in the centre of the long table at the far end of the room surrounded by beautiful women and influential men. He is fat but not overweight, about medium height and his eyes are always lit by laughter (probably from one of his own jokes). His expressions and mannerisms are over dramatic at best. He seams like a pleasant, agreeable man and so you wonder why his servants try and maintain a distance from him.

Once dinner is over the people begin to retreat to the parlours but instead you make your way up the stairs to where she is waiting for you. She leads you to a room with a large double bed draped in red silk. You lay upon the rich feather mattress as she tug's at her dress revealing more of her perfect form. You idly wonder where Lord Nicholas finds these women and how much they cost.

She sits beside you slowly undressing you, teasing each button open and sliding your shirt open. Your hands reach up sliding her dress from her shoulders. She bends down and whispers something into your ear. She offers you a finger coated with a light blue powder. You lick it off, smiling up at her before your body starts to numb. You begin to ask her what it was but your body starts to shudder uncontrollably. You see her face smiling down at you drowned in light and you ascend into nirvana.