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On this list you will find mostly humour, angst, and/or slash. Ratings have been included (where I could) although I can not be held responsible for the content of websites other then my own. If you have any problems like broken links or  if you want your story to be taken down [Email me].

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The Lord of the Rings

 Moments in Time  by Ashinae [part 2] [part 3]

Who: Merry/Pippin/Boromir  What: PG: ‘Pippin and Merry have plans for Boromir. Poor Boromir.’ Why: See the ‘who’ section and it’s adorable. When: FOTR Quote: “Pippin. You're plotting. I can tell you're plotting because you aren't paying me any attention.”

Bagenders by Lady Alyssa and Random Dent [series 2] [series 3]

Who: Everyone What: PG-R (depending on episode): ‘An AU where the fellowship become immortal, and end up living together in the house share from hell.’ Why: I know there’s lots of stories and I know they are long but you will never regret reading them.  It has got to be the funniest thing I have ever read and I read a lot political propaganda. When: AU post ROTK  Quote: ‘“Right, tell me what's going on,” said Aragorn, who, from his experience in dealing with small children knew exactly when to use threats, “Or I'll make you watch the entirety of 'Flipper'. Twice.”’

Boromir: The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual  by Theresa Green

Who: Boromir  What: 'teach yourself BOROMIR in these easy steps' Why: It reminds me of my aunty who would like to do indecent things to Sean Bean.  Quote:BOROMIRs are notoriously hostile towards the monarchy and tend to go around muttering, “Britain has no king. Britain needs no king”.



Boy Cooties by Troll Princess 

Who: Logan, Rogue and the students What: ‘The girls hatch a diabolical get Logan to shave?!’ Why: It’s funny and cute and well just so true. When: post X1 pre X2 Quote: “Not that Bobby was against nude sunbathing. Far from it. He was, however, against sunburn in uncomfortable places. (Like Milwaukee.)” 

The Box Room By Kat

Who: Jean (P.O.V), Logan, Scott What: ‘What might have happened had the movie not ended so nicely.’ Why: This story is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. When: AU post X1 Quote: “She liked to watch them, imagine what their lives must be like, imagine what was out there, beyond the box room, and New Haven, and the faint imprint of New York that she was sure she could see if she squinted.”

Packing by Kate Bolin

Who: Rogue What: ‘Marie packs for her new life.’ Why: It’s well written and manages to be sad but not overly sentimental. When: X1 Quote: “She glanced at her wall map again, her eyes tracing the line.”

Zippo in Hand by Lassiter

Who: Pyro What: PG: ‘A portrait of the pyromaniac as a twelve-year-old kid.’ Why: The humanity of this story is its best feature.  When: pre X1 Quote: “Nate Molloy was the biggest kid in seventh grade. John was not. Current circumstances rendered this a problem.”



What's in a Name? by Random Dent.

Who: Alexander the Great/Hephaistion What: PG-13: ‘An attempt to answer an interesting historical question...’ Why: 1) It has Alexander the Great in it. 2) It is very funny. Quote: “Tell me... go on... O mighty Lord Of All Asia.”


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You can submit your work and the work of others for consideration by emailing me [here].

Rules of the list

  1. One fiction per author.
  2. They must have a permanent home on the internet.
  3. I must like them. (well this is my website)