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He made them little houses,
And gave them little clothes,
And put inside their minds,
The things they need to know.

But inside their little heads,
Something was coming alive,
‘My life isn't just about,’
They thought, ‘what he wants.’

They built up the houses,
And learnt about the world,
And did what they wanted,
And thought about their life.

The wise men in the street,
Tried to understand it all,
But the further they went,
The less of it they found.

So one day the decided;
‘We are here all alone,
So let’s make life Better,’
They said, ‘For everyone.’

So they came together,
And cleaned up their world,
And travelled through the sky,
Building little houses.

Then he came home one day,
And saw what they had done,
With the world he gave them,
His game wasn't so fun.

So he started to scream,
And jump up and down,
Breaking all the buildings,
Murdering little people.

He didn't hear the screams,
Or spare the innocent,
He destroyed all the world,
And left behind silence.