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Universe: LXG Movieverse.
Author: Staramber
Summary: Winning is not as important as taking part.
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Disclaimer: I really haven't looked into ownership, needless to say it ain't mine.


The darkest red dragged across ice white skin. Carefully, slowly, Mina trailed the rose up her thigh.

She moved it back towards her neck. Petals, soft as silk caressed her collar and down towards her breast, sending a shiver through her but none of it seemed to be having any affect on Dorian.

It was an idea she often entertained, men liked to think that they were in charge. It was a woman’s job to stay quiet and submit yet still dominate at the same time. Dorian was infuriating; he had no interest in playing like every other man. He liked to see just how far he could push the rules. 

He sat, almost slumped in a chair by the window sipping a glass of red wine. A smile flickered across his lips as she tore at her skin. Blood trickled from the scratch down her body. She wiped it away with her finger and slowly brought it towards her lips. Bringing her tongue down to meet it she took it into her mouth.

Giving a small snort he turned away from her to examine the spines of books stacked neatly upon the table. Dorian stroked the leather binding and smiled up at her. He had forever to play her games.

She dropped the rose and picked up her glass. With a flick of her wrist she launched it at him. He turned to look at her. Glass embedded in his hair. Wine dripped down the wall behind him. ‘Now that,’ he thought, ‘was too far.’

The rose, once again was travelling up her leg. Her lips curved into a smile or perhaps a snarl. He strode over to the bed and dropped down next to her. One of his hands closed tightly against her crushing the rose and piercing her skin with its thorns. The darkest red spilled onto ice white sheets.

The End