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Simple Meditation Exercises

Inner Silence Meditation
Take a few steady breaths until you feel calm, concentrate on your breathing steadily inhaling and exhaling. Let go of your breathing, concentrate on nothing. Be aware of every sound, touch, smell and thought but don’t act upon them. Witness them come and go, nothing more. When you are done concentrate on your breathing and ground yourself.

Walking Meditation
Choose a suitable space to walk through. Place both hands just above your belly button, one on top of the other. Synchronise your breathing with your step. Inhale, step. Exhale, step and so on. After you have done this a few times you can adjust it to your normal speed.

Mantra Meditation
Your mantra can be anything that invokes a feeling of peace and wellbeing inside you. "Om Mani Padme Hum” is a traditional mantra that means jewel in the lotus. Alternative mantras could be "Love of God", "In peace and love”, “Womb of The Goddess” or whatever sounds right to you. Meditate as you would usually and whisper your mantra on your exhaled breath.