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Roses, Wine and Marmalade part I

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, places and other things. No is money made.

They were definitely pink, a dark pink not a bright pink. They’re not a rose pink like a girls but that’s okay he doesn’t like roses anyway.

Merry’s lips where parted slightly and curled into a smile. The wine he and Pippin had drunk earlier still clung to them at the corners. Pippin wasn’t drunk he was sure of that but he had drank enough to get a warm buzz and start thinking of stupid things like the colour of Merry’s lips.

Merry was quite possibly drunk. He was asleep, which is never a good sign and he was leaning into Pippin despite earlier claiming that Pippin was so ugly a troll wouldn’t go near him. Pippin thought that was a little unfair and Fenella was looking at him. Like she would be caught dead with a Brandybuck, especially one with such odd coloured lips.

The juice hanging on Merry’s lips was starting to annoy him. Why couldn’t he just wipe his mouth? He tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t let him look away. Pippin felt like they where mocking him. Maybe he was drunk after all. Unfortunately being drunk didn’t solve his immediate problem. In fact it probably caused it.

Merry may have actually smelt like roses though, that’s what type of perfume Fenella was wearing. Perhaps he smelt like the apples and pares he’d been nibbling on all day. The big question was did they taste like fruit of the wine? If they tasted like a mixture of the two how would that taste. How nice if it was warmed slightly over dusky pink lips. Pippin wondered why he thought Merry’s lips where the same colour his sister insisted her rooms would look painted. He was definitely drunk.

He couldn’t pinpoint what exactly prompted this course of action but having his tong on Merry’s lips wasn’t exactly a bad thing, actually it was rather nice after all it did taste like wine, they where soft and he no longer to needed to worry about what an odd colour they were. He should have probably have worried about the hand in his hair but it was pushing him towards Merry so it didn’t bother him. Unfortunately Merry’s head had other ideas.


“Bugger off.”

“No still. No kiss me, now.”

“I just did”


Merry couldn’t really argue with that. Even if he was sober he probably would have agreed. He attempted to kiss Pippin but missed and sucked on Pippin’s nose instead.

“Drnk.” Pippin shouted.


“Drunk! You my dear Meria... Meria... Merry.”

“Am not!”

“Can tell you know. Your Drunk”

“No your drunk.” Merry poked Pippin’s stomach.

“‘m not. No you’re drunk.” Pippin poked back Merry, tittering cheerfully.

“Your drunk.” Merry getting tired of this game poked Pippin as hard as he could. It wasn’t very hard but it sent Pippin flying backward of the couch. He crashed on to the floorboards and burst out laughing.

“No Merry,” said Pippin standing up and dusting himself off, “you are most definitely the drunk one.” Pippin held his arm out to Merry. “Now take me to bed.”


Pippin winked.

“Come on.”

“Pippin I can’t.”

“Why not, you’ve done it before.”

“Have not.”

“Saw you.”

“Well it’s just... Wait what?”

“Couldn’t help it.”

“Couldn’t help spying on me?

“No... I mean you where... well you had no clothes on.”

“What’s that got to do with it?”

Pippin dropped to Merry’s side with a pout on his lips. A pout that is known to his immediate family as ‘The Pippin Pout’. He began to trace the crease in Merry’s trousers.

“I’m sorry.” He propped his chin on Merry’s shoulder.

“‘s okay.”

“So is that a freckle on your...”


Pippins hand drastically moved across Merry’s thigh.

“Pippin your drunk!”

“See that’s the point.”

“What point? Stop that”

“Now the way I see it we’re perfect for each other. No listen. I mean we both drunk and both... both men I suppose> Oh yeah. We’re both thingie!”


“Yeah both little things you know...”


“Yes! No actually... well yes but I meat the other little thingies. What Mum always say’s”


“Yeah little brats you see perfect. Perfect wit’ a capital C!”

Merry collapsed on Pippins shoulder giggling uncontrollably.

“Wha’ so funny?”



“Hu? oh.”


“We’re both drunk.”


“And that does feel very good.”

“Well I wasn’t gonna mention it but you’re urm big down there.”

“Thanks you’re not to bad yourself.”

“Why thank you Merry.”

Merry raised one eyebrow and stared up at Pippin.

“My room or yours?”

Pippin stood up again and much to Merry’s distress moved his hand away.

“Merry we’re already in your room.”

“Oh yeah. Get on th’ bed then.”

Pippin ran over to the bed, tripped over the bedding box and landed head first in to the pillow’s.

“Silly Pifin.”

Merry walked over to the bed and gracefully draped himself across it, or at least he thought he did.

“Pippin, Pippin?” Merry prodded Pippin only to be rewarded with a snore.


Merry lay listening to Pippin’s snores for a wile. Before drifting off to sleep he heard Pippin mumble

“Mmm M...Marmalade.”

To be continued

by Staramber

Thanks to: farplaceuk, Miss Bobbleheadge and Ezzy but not AOL