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Staramber's Scribbles: Links



Shadow world

Misc. Stories

The Lord of the Rings
Fan Fiction

X-men Movie Fan Fiction

Misc. Fan Fiction

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About Me

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Fan Fic Archives

Whether or No ~ Hobbit Slash

Merry/Pippin slash archive ~ Just what it says, most are very good.

XMMFF ~ X-men movieverse. Most are unremarkable but some are great (besides some of mine are on there)

Thunder & Brimstone ~ KuRoro is always cute.

X-Men: The Movie Slash Fanfiction Archive ~ Mutant slash.


Fan Fic Author Sites

House of Hobbits ~ Fantastic site.

Bagenders ~ I'm in love with the Bagenders. Very funny, great writing.

Digi and Tails' Grey FanPage ~ What can I say, I know the people who made it.


MST Sites

Lord of the Mst ~ Great.

MST by twosungirlls ~ LOTR MST at VVG (it makes me sound more profesional)


Original Writers and Published Authors

Vurt Feathers ~ Because everyone should read more Noon.

My Hideous Progeny: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein ~ Because she is a little too dead to have an official site (how goth).

The Shadow Realm ~ I'm behind reading this but it is very cool.

Crede Byron ~ Need I say more?


Useful Resources- Dictionaries, Language and History.

Luciferous Logolepsy ~ Archaic English sounds impressive.

WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary ~ Some things actually do rhyme with purple.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online ~ An online dictionary...

Dictionary.com  ~ Another online dictionary.

World Wide Words ~ An incredible and informative site about the English language.

KryssTal ~ Language, Science, Politics, Religion and much more.

Baby Name Centre ~ Comes in useful for naming characters.

Brief History of Contraceptives ~ An informative site with a bad background.

Condoms history, effectiveness and testing

The World History of Male Love

The Unofficial Newcomer's Guide to Haiku Mailing Lists ~ I've never joined one bit this site is very useful.

The site with no name ~The reason why I need a 'misc. links' section.


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