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Wile this site is not ‘adult’ is it not exactly ‘child friendly’. Please make use of the warnings and use discretion.

All work on this website, unless otherwise stared and with the exception of fan fiction is copyright Clare Burgess.

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Welcome to Staramber's Scribbles.

I spend most of my spare time writing and I like to think this website shows some of my best work.

Original stories can be found in the 'Shadow World', 'Poems', and 'Guest Authors' section. Poems belong in the 'Poems' section. Movie fan fiction can be found under 'The Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction' and 'X-men Movie Fan Fiction'. In 'Madness' I keep my mini-essays on Witchcraft, history, and general information.

I hope you enjoy it here.




6th February 2004

The new 'Misc. Fan Fiction' section comes complete with 'Checkmate' an LXG fan fic.




7th February 2004

Another X-Men update (I promise I will type up my LotR fics soon). The hopefully humorous Kurt/Ororo fic 'Colours'.




5th February 2004

A new X-Men drabble has been added called 'The Suit'. Another depressed Scott fic I'm afraid.



4th February 2004

I've been doing some random house keeping including a new recommendation and a better introduction.



1st February 2004 (a.k.a the happy Imbolc update)

Just one little X-men fan fic today; 'Fear of Flying'. It shows Scott and Ororo dealing with the events of X2. Oh and with any luck (and some money) the adds should be gone by the end of today.   


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